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MailChimp Expert Meerkat Media
From training to campaign creation, we help clients achieve great results quickly & efficiently.

Based in the UK, Meerkat Media works with clients around the world with the following:


  1. MailChimp training & tutorials

  2. Email marketing strategies and campaigns

  3. Database importing and management

  4. Designing MailChimp email templates and customisation

  5. Copywriting

  6. Consultancy for understanding your MailChimp campaign report


We have seen first-hand how effective email marketing can be for businesses but appreciate not everyone has the time or skills to dedicate to email marketing. With our experience, we guide clients and show them effective ways to help their emails stand out from the crowd, including:


Enticing email subject lines Smart & simple email templates Sometimes less is more when it comes to content The importance of images Why it is vital to include a call to action.


We are perfect for businesses who are looking to start or improve their email marketing activities. We provide a tailor made service for our clients and quick turn around on all projects.

Sample MailChimp Campaigns.

Below are few sample MailChimp campaigns to give you an idea of our work. All our campaigns are unique and based on your bespoke specifications. 


Shout about your company's news!

Newsletter templates for your company that will help you share your important announcements with clients.



Get in touch to discuss your MailChimp requirements 

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Meerkat Media is based in Berkshire - United Kingdom


Call: 07523 207 713



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